15 Tips to stay away from online survey scams

stay away from online survey scams

It is morally the duty of every person taking online paid surveys to report any scams or fake websites for the benefit of others.

If the website is an old one and has negative reviews on other websites, it can safely be classified as scam. The question lies in what has to be done if you encounter a new scam online survey website for the first time? Or how you assess whether an online survey website is legitimate or a scam?

Before you wander into unknown territories in the world of online surveys, there are certain aspects that you need to be aware of. After reading this article, you will have a fair idea on learning about paid survey scams.

You will get to know what to look out for and how to stay away from scams. Also, there are steps mentioned on what has to be done if you are a victim of a scam.

Does it mean that all the paid survey sites are scams?

No, solely because there are plenty of scam survey sites available, it is not healthy to generalize all the survey sites as there are a few paid survey sites that actually pay well.

If people are unaware about it, survey sites are used by companies to carry out market research. They form an indispensable part of studies for consumer services and products before they actually start producing it on a bulk rate in a global scale.

These studies form the base for several aspects for manufacturers. They get to understand how customers see the product or service and learn more about the opinion of customers. They also work on the feedback given by customers so that they are able to come up with a product that is well received in the market.

In a bid to attract customers, companies have no much option other than providing incentives to customers so that they can take surveys. Due to this reason, the term paid surveys originated.

stay away from online survey scamsIt is beneficial to customers as well, as people who wish to earn extra cash working online can take up these surveys. Due to this, many people have started taking up surveys and are now making considerable monthly income. Some websites such as Mysurvey and Global Test Market are known to pay well for taking surveys.

Sadly, this is the where scammers come in and try to scam people who are keen to earn money by taking surveyors. Presently, the number of scam sites and legitimate sites are almost equal in number.

Hence, if you are planning to earn money online by taking part in paid surveys, it is essential that you are able to differentiate between scam survey sites and legitimate survey sites so that you do not lose your time and money.

Scam Survey Sites

Whenever you wish to sign up on a survey site, make sure that you carry out adequate research to know more about the website. The policies of all companies vary and they have different terms and conditions.

Listed below are some of the common factors that will help you identify scam online survey sites with much ease:

Asks for payments

Whenever an online survey site asks you to pay towards registration or to participate in a survey, close it and make sure that you do not visit the website again. Legitimate websites will never ask you to pay towards registration or participation.

Asks for personal information beyond permissible limits

Obviously, all the survey sites will require you to provide personal information so that they can determine the survey best suited for you and to verify your identity.

However, if you think that the survey site is asking for too much information such as your credit card information, social security number etc. NEVER share it no matter how luring the site may seem to be.

Survey sites do not need any information beyond your name, e-mail id, age, address and gender only to determine the suitable survey for you.

Redirection through unreliable links

Whenever you want to sign up for a survey site, make sure that you directly navigate to the website or follow a referral link from a reliable source.

Never sign up when you are redirected from links you receive from unspecified senders or any website you come across as these mails are sent by phishers who will be trying to gain access to your personal information.

Privacy Policy not visible

stay away from online survey scamsIt is mandatory that any survey site has a privacy policy page. Usually, scam survey sites, which will definitely not have genuine intentions, will have no privacy policy page. They are likely to sell your personal information to third party sites.

If you do not see the privacy policy in the website, you can safely steer away from the website. Sometimes, there will be a column named Privacy Policy. But when you click on it, it will lead to nowhere. Hence, make sure that you can go through the privacy policy.

No About Us page

Generally, companies will be glad to tell about their history, the founders etc. For obvious reasons, scam survey sites will not have an About Us page as they will have nothing to disclose. Their sole purpose is to loot you of your money and hence, they do not have an About Us which points to their whereabouts.

Offers that are too lucrative

There are some websites who promise to offer a $100 Amazon gift card by participating in a simple survey. You do not have to think twice, as these websites are definitely fraudulent and have no intentions of paying you.

In case you come across anything like this, which is unbelievably true, be certain that it is actually not true. Generally, the maximum payout for taking a survey is $10 and none of the websites will provide you more than this in any case. Hence, stay away from unbelievable offers, as they are unreal as well!

The above mentioned points only serve as an indicator and it is not necessary that all survey sites that do not have an about us page or Privacy Policy are scams.

There actually might be a few legitimate sites that might ask for payments. Hence, these are just points for reference and there might be real survey sites as well.

stay away from online survey scamsHowever, it is tough to determine whether the survey site is legitimate or a scam until you read its reviews or actually take surveys.

Hence, you will have to carry out research about the survey site before you sign up for it to ensure that it is legitimate. It is hard to accurately determine if the site is legitimate or not; but trust your instinct when you are not sure.

How to stay away from Online Survey Scams?

To start with, you will have to know about the different types of online survey scams that exist in the internet. There are many informatory articles published by the FBI to stay safe while you use the internet and it gives out several points that will help you to stay away from different types of online scams.

Listed below are a few points that you will have to look out for to ensure that the paid online survey site is legitimate and credible:


The testimonials you generally come across in scam sites are written by the owners of the scam website themselves and are definitely not satisfied and happy customers; as there will not be any.

Legitimate survey sites make use of testimonials, while scam sites do it as well. Hence, you will have to take a closer look at the testimonials to see if something is amiss, and if you find the testimonials to be untrustworthy, it is time to get away from the website.

Proof of Payments

Scam survey websites might also lure prospective customers by putting up checks of payments they have released previously that will create an impression among internet users that it is true. However, it might not be a legitimate website only because they have shown pictures of previous payments.

Forging the payment proofs online is not a tough job and it can be made to look real. Also, in the times of PayPal and other electronic payment methods, how often do you think people will ask for checks?

Guaranteed Income

stay away from online survey scamsLegitimate survey sites will only pay for the surveys you complete successfully. However, there are spurious sites that will promise you of a guaranteed income every month, which is definitely not true.

Some sites even promise you of up to $3500 per month by taking surveys. There is absolutely no way you can make $3500 monthly by just taking surveys. Accept it and do not fall for it.

Go through the ‘Fine Print’

If you take a closer look at the fine print on scam survey sites, they will contradict the hype they have given elsewhere, so that they are safe from all troubles.

Fine print is one area where they cannot hide any information that might throw more light on the authenticity of the website.

Many fake websites will not have a privacy policy and it should give you a hint. If you come across websites that do not have a privacy policy, you must be careful before you divulge any personal information.

Before signing up for any online paid survey site, go through all the disclaimers, terms and conditions and also the privacy policy. Only when you feel convinced, sign up for it and if not, stay away.

If the website does not have an official contact address and valid communication methods, they are likely to be scammers and hence, stay away.

Check for the website on ‘Whois’

To know more about the website, check for its registration details on ‘whois’ and if the site was registered using a proxy, it is not a reliable website. Scam survey sites are registered using proxies because the owners will not want to disclose their personal information such as contact details etc.

When you look up on ‘whois’ you will also get to know if the same owner has multiple sites registered under them, which is not a good sign.

The idea behind creating multiple sites is to make you believe that their websites are real and eventually make you pay multiple times for taking the same survey.

Check on Dollardino

It is a good idea to go through Dollardino to see if there were any complaints raised against the paid survey site or the owners of the site.

If you do not see any complaints, it does not mean that the website is legitimate. It just means that there were no complaints YET regarding the particular website.

Go through forums that report scam survey sites

stay away from online survey scamsThere are a variety of websites where customers who have been victims of scams previously will share their experiences and provide their valuable input on how to avoid such scams.

Again, the posts you see in such forums might not be authentic, as the scammers might create posts on the forum that speak about how good their website is or will indirectly try ways to make you fall in their trap.

The posters on these forums might gain your confidence by saying that they had been scammed before but things started to change after they came across site X, which is credible and pays handsomely, which might not be true.

However, these forums are actively moderated by the moderators and any posts that seem to be unreliable are removed. But till then, the post would have lured at least a few of them to fall into their trap.

Do not believe the reviews always

There are several websites that claim to provide screening service against scam survey sites or claim to rate different survey sites based on their reliability and customer opinion.

Do not believe these websites blindly as they might also be a part of a scam survey site and the information they feed you might also be to mislead you.

Remember, survey sites can also pay these websites to make them rank higher. Some scam survey sites also showcase fake awards they have won and make fake claims as well. Stay away from such sites if you get the slightest hint.

How to Report fraudulent survey sites?

If you wish to know more about how to avoid scams, you can visit the websites of Dollardino and FTC. Both these websites have asked people to stay safe from lucrative schemes available on the internet. However, there is no specific mention about paid survey sites in their website as paid survey sites are relatively newer among scams.

Within a few weeks, you will also see warnings against fake survey sites on Dollardino and FTC. Complaints have now started flooding in against paid survey sites in local Dollardino offices since the past few months.

stay away from online survey scamsUnfortunately, if you were victim to any online paid survey scam, listed below are your options:

  • Lodge a complaint with the Dollardino.
  • Bring it to the notice of the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Write a complaint to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center maintained by the federal government.

Final Verdict

The golden rule you will have to understand before you start participating in surveys is that, no matter how many surveys you take, it will never make you wealthy.

You will still be able to earn a considerable amount by participating in online paid surveys, only when you know to differentiate between legitimate and scam surveys. If you dedicate a few hours of your day, you will make a decent supplementary income each month.

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