4 sure ways to get free makeup samples

4 sure ways to get free makeup samples

We’ve all been there. In desperate need of a new lipstick or face wash, but a black hole seems to have materialized in your wallet. Cosmic anomalies aside — it stinks. And even if you had cash in your pocket, it can seem a little risky to drop your hard-earned dough on a full bottle of an untested product.

But don’t despair just yet. What if you could refill your shrinking makeup stash for free? Some argue that God is a woman, and if so — we could thank Her for free makeup samples.

Free makeup and beauty samples are regularly given out by cosmetics and personal care companies, and are often easy to get your hands on. All of this can be achieved through online and being an online product tester!

The same with the certain products as well free products and for you as the first one to use it, this might baffle you but they are existing indeed! But bear in mind that there are product survey and test scams that were mixed in it as well.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. As we’re looking out for you, here are the four top ways to get free makeup samples today. So next time you’re looking to boost your makeup arsenal, there’s no need to make this month another ramen-month. Just score some free samples instead.

What kind of free beauty samples can you get?

There’s a great variety among free beauty samples. Personal care, for example, offers a huge spectrum of companies you can choose from. Anything from face wash to lotion to lipstick to perfume, you can find it. If you have a favorite company you like, look them up online and see what products you’d like to try — chances are there are samples of that product.

These can come in the forms of 5 milliliter pouches, or even full-size 50 milliliter bottles. And while the former is far more common than the latter, full-size samples are definitely not unheard of.

Is there a catch to free makeup samples?

4 sure ways to get free makeup samplesThere’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? Well — yes and no. Most makeup samples come directly from cosmetics and makeup companies. And they’re eager to give them out for free.

This is because makeup samples are fairly cheap for cosmetics companies to produce, so they can easily send them out to people and companies who ask.

But they naturally have a stake in this too. They want your money, just as much as you want your money. And if you like a sample of theirs, you are far more likely to buy the full size product.

This will boost their sales and get them more revenue.

So essentially, free makeup samples are a marketing tactic. And ideally, a mutually beneficial one. Enough background? Sure. Here’s how you get a hold of the goodies.

Find free makeup samples online

One of the best ways to get free beauty samples is by going online. More concretely, a good place to start is to go directly going to cosmetics companies’ websites. One example is Sephora, which offers free samples right on their website.

No need to compose an email and ask. Just add to basket and you’re done. Olay, Neutrogena, and others also regularly offer makeup freebies.

And even higher end cosmetic brands, like MAC and L’Oreal, advertise about samples online every now and then.

A good way to stay on top of free samples and giveaways is to follow your favorite brands on Facebook. A lot of personal care or cosmetics companies give out freebies via their Facebook pages or other social media.

Get free beauty samples by writing companies

Cosmetics companies generally have samples of their new products in stock, ready to be shipped. This means you can usually fire away an email and ask to try out a few of their products. It’s probably best to focus on personal care or cosmetics companies, as they are more likely to send samples.

Keep emails short and sweet. Here’s a general structure:

4 sure ways to get free makeup samples

  • Intro: Start with a formal greeting, followed by a statement of why you love their products. The more specific the better (“I love how your XYZ shampoo adds luster”).
  • Ask: Here, don’t be too blunt. You can say you were recommended their product by a makeup professional, and you’d love to try it to see what works best for you.
  • Finishing touches: Tell them a bit about your skin, hair or any other relevant details. And don’t forget to express gratitude! Thank them for reading your letter, and how much you’d appreciate a few samples. Then, sit back and wait for your mailbox to fill up.

Get free makeup samples by doing reviews

If you want a steady stream of free beauty samples, a good way is to start reviewing products online, with that said there various types of these, you explore more of them in here. This is most definitely not a quick-fix, but more of a long term plan.

And, most likely easier said than done. But, if makeup is a passion of yours, why not give it a try? Set up a blog or start a YouTube channel.

If it becomes big enough, there won’t be a shortage of free samples in your inbox.

But there are more ways of reviewing products. Sometimes, cosmetics companies simply want your opinion.

Big players like L’Oreal sometimes ask you to take part in online surveys or consumer participation panels. These are usually quite short and you can keep the full product once the testing is over. All in all, not a bad deal.

Get free samples in person

4 sure ways to get free makeup samplesWe spend a large portion of our lives online today. So it’s easy to forget the more traditional ways of conducting business. A surprisingly good way to refill your makeup stash is to get down and dirty in your local makeup or beauty store.

You may not expect that going down to your favorite store and asking for samples would yield results. But you’d be surprised. Sometimes this can provide a significant addition to your stash.

As with beauty companies, these people want to market their products.

If you love a body lotion you got from your local store, you’ll probably come back to get the real deal. But this doesn’t have to be limited to beauty stores. Really any place that sells makeup works.

And if you become a loyal customer and build up a good relationship — and refer your friends — you’ll hardly be scrambling for free samples.

If you are thirsty for more of this information freebies we still have a lot more for you! For you to get started and try out being a product tester then read more in here.

Do you have any other neat ways of getting a hold of free beauty samples? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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