An introduction to Product Testing

An introduction to Product Testing

Product testing is when you test a product given to you by the company before it is officially launched in the market. Colloquially, it is also known as beta testing even Buzzfeed are looking for one in this article. You might be testing a product, a website, software, hardware or anything else.

If it is software that you are testing on your computer, you might also be putting your computer at risk, as the product might be having bugs that could crash your computer. Most of the times, you will receive products that would have been tested by the company, before they pass it on to you for the next round of testing.

Some of the legitimate companies for Product Testing:

  • Pinecone Research
  • Market Read Pro
  • Centercode
  • HP
  • My Opinion Now
  • Opinion Outpost USA
  • Opinion Outpost CA
  • Outpost UK
  • Outpost France
  • Outpost Germany
  • Opinion Outpost Spain
  • Survey Savvy

What are the products that are generally tested?

product to test

Online Product testers would generally not be allowed to divulge any information regarding the product. However, commonly used products are given for testing easily.

They include products such as conditioners, pizzas, soaps, socks, remotes, cameras, toothbrush, cleaners, computer accessories, tissues, rice, electronic gadgets, cosmetics, packaged food etc. among many other things.

It could be any product that is available in the market or in some cases, which are not yet available as well!

You can go through the profiles or blogs of popular product testers to know more about the products that they have tested previously, and you will get to know more about the way in which you are supposed to review a product.

What is the payment method?

Once you test a product, the company might allow you to keep the product for yourself and/ or pay you using a gift voucher, directly debit to your account, transfer funds to you using PayPal or give you entry to sweepstakes that they carry out on a regular basis.

How to be a part of product testing?

introduction product testYou will initially have to fill in your details in the website of the product testing company. If they find your profile to match with the kind of people they are looking to test the product, they will contact you.

They generally look for people that are most suitable to test the product. Hence, make sure that the information you share is actually correct.

Product testing doesn’t only limits to one media of reviewing and testing products, there are plenty of media for it where you can actually explore them in here.

How to receive more products for product testing?

For getting selected by the product testing companies, you will have to login to your account on their website frequently and stay active, so that they know you are responsive.

What are the tips to watch out for?

If you think that an offer is too good to be true, it is definitely not true. If the company asks you to pay a fee to register with them, that will be fake and a scam as well. To be on the safer side, start a blog and write about the products you like.

Once you have a decent number of followers, the product companies might contact you and ask you to review their product. Be honest and provide a genuine feedback. This will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

For people who are testing software, be careful that you understand what you are doing.

If not, your system might crash and you might lose all your data. Hence, get into software testing only when you understand all aspects of the software you will test.

How to succeed in product testing?

Make sure that you give elaborated feedback of the products you test and be honest with your feedback always. This way, you will get picked for more product tests.

Will anything go wrong while testing a product?

testing a productYes, things might certainly go wrong. If you are plugging in a device without installing the drivers, your system might crash.

If you are testing a cosmetic cream without knowing how to use it, you might spoil your skin! Since most of the cosmetics company who needs people for product testing give out their cosmetic products for free!

There is a certain degree of risk involved in product testing. Hence, make sure that you understand the product and read more about how to use it before you start testing it.

You can always read more about online product testing in different posts available online before you actually start with the testing of a product, so that you stay safe!



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