An introduction to Product Testing

product test introduction

Product testing is when you test a product given to you by the company before it is officially launched in the market. Colloquially, it is also known as beta testing even Buzzfeed are looking for one in this article. You might be testing a product, a website, software, hardware or anything else. If it is … Read more

10 Handy Tips to stay safe and earn money during online surveys

stay safe earn money online surveys

1. Never pay for surveys Companies that are legitimate and actually pay you for taking surveys will never ask for payments for accessing their surveys. Such sites are generally ‘membership sites’ that will prompt you to pay a fee to gain access to their directory of survey companies. Although they claim that their directory comprises … Read more

Jobs in Product Testing Market Research

product testing research

If you have some free time to spare, product testing market research jobs are highly recommended. You just need to spend some time and different companies will always be in search of different types of testers. All that you will have to do it test their product and give an honest feedback about the product, … Read more

How to get free products for real by product testing?

free products

Product testing is gaining prominence and you will see several posts that speak about multiple websites and their authenticity. Generally, product testing companies give the product out for free only to people who say nice things about the product and provide a positive review in general. Most of the companies definitely give out the products … Read more