What are the average earnings by participating in surveys?

average earnings by participating in surveys

By reading this article, you will have an idea about how many surveys you can take every month and how much it pays on an average. Although there are people who claim that they make over $1000 monthly by participating in surveys, the average income is nearly $200 per month and it is a rare possibility that people will be able to earn more than this. Read further about it in here.

Ideal number of Survey Panels to join

ideal number of surveys

Based on data from a reliable website, there are nearly 1800 genuine survey panels which actually pay you. However, it is shocking that there are more dubious sites than the legitimate sites. Hence, make sure that you sign up only for the right ones so that you do not end up spending more time on fake and non-rewarding surveys as you will only end up wasting your time and not be able to earn much.

There are certain surveys that pay you in points. They may lure you by saying that you will earn 100 points for a 30 minutes survey. However, they do not tell you the value of each point earned. Points earned in MyView are only worth $0.000714 cents, which means that you will need 70,000 points to earn $50.

Points you earn in Toluna are equal to 1/30 of a cent, which means that you will need 3000 points to earn $1. The conclusion is to make sure that you take only surveys that pay you wells. Make sure that you calculate the rewards offered by the survey before you take it up.

average earnings by participating in surveysIt is best recommended that you do not sign up for all surveys and there is no point in attempting all the surveys being offered by 30-40 panels. As you take surveys, you will realize how much each panel pays for your demographics and you can stick to the top paying 20-25 survey panels so that you earn well without spending much time.

Generally, there will be 5-10 survey panels which pay really good. So, make sure that you are a part of those panels.

In the fixed time you spend each day on surveys, make sure that you enroll for the highest paying ones and unsubscribe for the ones that do not pay much. It is a good idea to take up surveys that pay less only if they are really short and there is no much effort involved in taking up the survey.

Surveys that are conducted by American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP), HCD and Pinecone Research etc. are generally short and can be done with sooner.

Among the ten best survey panels are GlobalTestMarket, OpinionOutpost, MySurvey, Toluna, SurveySpot, IPSOS-ISAY , Valued Opinions and SurveySavvy.

Once you enroll in the above mentioned surveys and you still feel that you have the bandwidth to take up more surveys, you can check Global Opinion Panel, OnlyCashSurveys, ViewPoint or other surveys in ACOP.

Ideal time to be spent in surveys

ideal spent time in surveys

Surveys are time-consuming and they will have detrimental effects on your eyes as well, as you will have to sit glued to your computer. People who are motivated to earn from surveys are all charged up in the start and end up burning out. Instead, take it at a gradual pace and eventually, you will realize that you only earn $1 every hour on an average.

Hence, make sure that you take up surveys that pay you more, like $3 for a survey etc. This way, you can ensure that you earn a decent amount without having to spend much time or effort.

Break your surveys throughout the day. Start with a survey in the morning and the rest towards the afternoon. Your target should be $20 a day, and once you reach that, stop taking any more surveys for the day as they will not pay you much.

Weekends are the best times to go for the big kill. Take up all the pending high paying surveys that you could not complete during the week. You should understand the fact that on an average, you will earn nearly $2-$5 every hour, if you take up quality surveys.

Average monthly earnings by taking up surveys

On an average, you can earn $200 per month with a fair amount of effort involved. Also, you will have to take adequate precaution that you do not end up wasting your time on scams or low paying surveys. Once you stick to a group of survey panels, do not venture into unexplored territories in a bid to earn more, as there are high chances that you will fail.

average earnings by participating in surveysPeople on the internet will continue to make outrageous claims of having earned $1000+ taking surveys. But the reality is that, you will not earn so much every month.

You might just get lucky sometimes, where the survey panel decides to gift you a nice product or you might win a sweepstake. However, that is not certain and you cannot rely on it.

One surveyor, who started it on a humble note by taking surveys and then expanding to writing articles, said that he made nearly $4000 per annum by taking surveys, which is a decent amount.

You will definitely not get rich by taking surveys. But, it can cover for your recurring expenses such as phone bills, internet or groceries. You will have to take surveys for 3-4 hours daily if you want to make it a parallel income.

Based on your lifestyle and how much free time you can dedicate to taking surveys on a daily basis, set a target and work on it. You might not earn well in the first few months, but once you get a hang of it, you will have a decent source of income.

If you have any questions or need clarifications regarding surveys, post it in the comment section and we will address it in our next post! You can as well explore more in here. Happy surveying till then!

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