The 10 best jobs in Product Testing

product testing jobs

Companies and marketing firms that are about to launch a new brand or product will do a dry run for getting feedback, before they go ahead with an official launch. For this purpose, they hire product testers, who get a chance to test the products and service even before they are in the market. The … Read more

Product testing companies that scam

product testing scam

You should always be aware of companies that offer expensive gadgets if you spend a little time in testing or surveying a product! When companies ask for your opinion, you definitely would find it be flattering enough and would believe that whatever they are offering in return is actually true! Some companies might ask you … Read more

What constitutes a survey?

constitutes a survey

With this post, we intend to help our audience in a precise manner in understanding surveys. After reading this post, if you have any further queries that need to be addressed, comment below and the question will be answered in our next post? Explore here for more about online paid surveys. For people expecting us … Read more