What is CryptoCruisers and Does It Actually Work?

CryptoCruisers is one of the latest programs out there that claims to make trading cryptocurrencies a breeze. In this CryptoCruisers review, we’ll show you our detailed experience with the program, lay down its pros and cons, and give our final verdict.


A One-Minute Lesson on Cryptotrading

Quick Definition of Terms:

Trading = buying and selling (something)

Cryptocurrencies = a digital currency (think: Bitcoin, Ethereum) which uses cryptography to ensure security and anonymity. Also called “coins”

At the most basic level, trading cryptocurrencies is all about buying certain coins when the price is low, and selling them when the price is high.

It sounds simple, but there are lots of other factors a trader has to take into consideration before deciding to buy or sell coins.

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What CryptoCruisers Does

CryptoCruisers aims to make trading easier by providing users with these tools:

market overviewMarket Overview – lets the user know how the cryptocurrency market is feeling

technical analysis

Technical Analysis – lets the user know when they should buy or sell their coin of choice

media news trends sectionMedia News Trends Section – lets the user see the positive news vs. negative news available about a coin

social mediaSocial Media – lets the user know the coin’s trends from social media platforms

In addition, CryptoCruisers offers a bunch of free things to users when they sign up:

specialist to guide users

A trading specialist to guide users

ebook bitcoin

An ebook on Bitcoin

educational videos

A series of educational videos


Our Experience with CryptoCruisers

Signing up to the platform was very fast and smooth. For example, after we signed up, we got all that we were promised:

A welcome email with the ebook was sent to us, educational videos were accessible next to our dashboard, and a trading specialist called us almost immediately after we signed up!

locked dashboard

The dashboard wasn’t fully accessible until we made our first deposit of €250, the minimum amount required. At first, we thought the deposit was payment for using their program, but it was actually the initial money we needed to begin trading. 

When we clicked “Deposit Now”, we were redirected to CryptoCruisers’ partnered trading platform.

partnered trading platform

After a successful deposit, we saw that our dashboard had changed. No more video and locked features — it was now displaying an array of available coins with CryptoCruisers’ tools at work.

unlocked dashboard

We clicked on Bitcoin and saw the four tools.


bitcoin market overview

The market overview said…

bitcoin technical analysis

The technical analysis showed…

bitcoin media news trends section

The media news trends pointed to…

bitcoin social media

People on social media generally showed…

All of which pointed us to buy (and sell later, when the price has gone up)

So, we clicked “Make Trade” and a pop-up window appeared, showing us CryptoCruisers’ partnered platform where we could complete the transaction.

partnered platform

A reminder: Keep in mind that the cryptocurrency exchange market is highly volatile.

While CryptoCruisers has tools to help traders have a better chance of making money, trades that lead to losses can still happen.

We continued doing the same thing for a week: choose a coin that sounds most profitable to either buy or sell, be guided by a trading specialist and…gain profits or meet losses (refer to our tip above).

  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies analyzed by the tools
  • No hidden fees
  • Not available in all countries 
  • Mobile version isn’t as nice as the desktop version
  • There were occasional server downtimes that rendered the service unavailable

Final Verdict

CryptoCruisers’ tools were reliable in simplifying our understanding of the factors affecting a coin’s value, making it very friendly for us beginners. The tools analyzed the news and charts for us, so all we had to do was take a quick look at a coin’s profile on CryptoCruisers and then decide whether to buy or sell.

When it comes to making money, we made some profitable trades but we experienced losses as well. Since we were checking and trading almost every day, the whole experience felt like a rollercoaster. Some trades led to us losing some money (the most painful one was losing nearly €200). Other trades fared better. Our best one was when we invested €300 and earned €627 in 2 weeks! 

As a summary of our CryptoCruisers review, we can conclude that the platform has its pros and cons. You can definitely make money using it, and it has all the tools available to do just that, so we say it’s worth checking out for trading beginners.

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