Earn fast money online

Earn fast money online

Interested in finding a way to earn quick money? Today that is easier than it has ever been. Depending on how much time you want to spend, you can make everything from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars every month.

It’s all possible with a little bit of work and dedicated effort.

That’s not to say it’s easy to earn the big bucks, but it is easy to start earning a small side income online.

Regardless of your goals and ambitions, here are the 5 best ways of earning quick money online. Whether you want to go big or small — you should find that one of these ways work for you.

The best ways to earn fast money

We have gathered a list of the best ways to earn quick money online. We have made a small summary on how to approach the earning methods.

We recommend that you try at least two of the earning methods, since this can help you figure out which way you find the best.

The different ways of earning fast money is aligned with the quickest first.

#1 – Earn quick money from paid survey sites

Survey sites are a superb resource for earning some additional quick money every month. While it’s unlikely to become your main income, getting started is very easy.

It is recommended that you set up a separate email address for your survey sites, so that you can easily overview your upcoming survey requests.

From there, you can use tools like Roboform to easily populate survey site templates, and make sure you fill out an exhaustive profile (which will help survey companies send you invites).

All this can quickly be done in a matter of hours, and after that you are good to go.

To earn quick money on filling out paid surveys can take anything from a couple of minutes to around half an hour. The surveys usually pay from 50 cents to $15 per filled survey.

If you are very dedicated in your efforts, and really eager to earn quick money, you might be able to earn upwards to $500-1,000 per month.

When you are filtering through paid survey sites, it’s important to be able to define which ones are legit and which ones are not.

Earn fast money onlineIf you are looking for legitimate paid survey sites, look for sites that:

  • Display company information.
  • Don’t ask for membership fees.
  • Don’t push additional product offers on you.
  • Do have clear, concise information about how you’ll be rewarded.
  • Do have realistic, nuanced testimonials.

Survey companies that check the above boxes are usually legit survey sites.

We have tested almost any paid survey site, and gathered the greatest and best paying sites on our frontpage.

#2 – Earn fast money on trading binary options

To trade on binary options, is one of the fastest and also most exciting ways to earn fast money online.

Trading on binary options is simply about putting your money on whether an asset (ex. Gold, oil, a currency etc.) goes UP or DOWN in price, within a self chosen time frame.

You could for example trade 10$, that the price of gold is higher in 30 minutes than right now.

If the price of Gold has risen after 15 minutes, you will receive an amount of 80 – 90 % of the bet you made. In this case you would’ve earned 8 – 9 $.

To earn money on binary options is a fast way of creating an income. With the right strategy for trading, and a small amount of training, you will be able to generate a solid and fast income.

Our expert on binary options, has made a video which explains everything you need to know, to start earning quick money on binary options. When you have seen the video, you can start earning money immediately.

Watch the video and see how Peter earns 200$ in 15 minutes.

Binary options is really simple to trade on, and it’s easy to earn quick money with the strategy show above. We recommend that you try it out, since you will quickly figure out how to trade.

You can see the live graphs used in the video right here.

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#3 – Quick money on social media

Earn fast money onlineSocial media is another great way to make fast money. Here the options are many, and you can look for multiple ways of cashing in. The key thing is to build a following, regardless of what platform you use.

This isn’t as straightforward as paid survey sites, but it can make a good source of fast income if done right.

Affiliate marketing via social media is a fairly simple method to follow.

Here are a few general points on how to proceed:

  • Find an audience. The first thing for any lucrative venture to have, is a following. It needs someone who is willing to listen to what you have to say — or be willing to buy what you have to sell. This can, for example, be a Facebook group or Instagram account.
  • Identify a monetizing method. There are a few ways to earn fast money from social media, but affiliate marketing is a good way to start. Most popular online stores offer affiliate programs, such as Amazon or iTunes. Just make sure you find an affiliate program that provides you with a unique ID and marketing collateral to get started. By pushing this through your social media channel(s), you can earn a fast commission based on the amount of business you generate.
  • Promote your affiliate programs. Make daily posts about them, and manage your account or accounts carefully. With some trial and error, and a touch of luck, your affiliate accounts will start generating fast money through clicks fairly soon.

#4 – Earn money blogging

A successful blog can make for a nice side income, or be a well paid full time gig. With the vast amounts of information on the internet today, it’s not easy to cut through the noise. But if you write compelling enough content, or find an underserved niche market, you can definitely make it work.

The key to earn fast money blogging, is to produce something unique and useful for your visitors. It can be something that either contains your personal brand or concerns something that a only a certain group of people care about.

Creating a successful beauty blog, for example, can be difficult solely based on the amount of beauty blogs out there. If you, however, create a blog about dental health in developing countries, you may have captured a far less competitive niche, that nonetheless has a dedicated audience.

Earn fast money onlineWhen it comes to monetizing your blog, you can follow the affiliate template for social media above, or you can sell ad space on your site. The most common way of doing this is to sell CPC/PPC ads or CPM ads:

  • CPC/PPC stands for cost/pay per click. These tend to be banner ads that generate commission each time a visitor clicks on them.
  • CPM mean that ads that give you commission per 1,000 viewers. Essentially, these ads get you paid based on how many people view your ad.

#5 – Write ebooks

If you are a dedicated writer, or possess key expertise in a specific area, writing ebooks can be a good way of earning money.

This particular way of earning money online is not one of the fastest. We have included it as one of the “5 best ways to earn fast money”, since we find it very good for starters.

Writing a book sounds like a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.

Ebooks are simply book-format publications that are digitally distributed. This means that there’s virtually no cost to publishing an ebook, depending on your needs. You could definitely hire an editor and a designer, but aside from that — publishing is very affordable.

Here are a few tips on creating ebooks:

  • Don’t over-do it. You don’t have to write a Russian brick-novel. An ebook doesn’t have to be a certain number of pages to be called an ebook. In fact, most ebooks are generally quite short — and many could even qualify as pamphlets.
  • Write useful content. Generally speaking, ebooks tend to consist of non-fiction, actionable content. So focus on writing something that can help people solve a certain problem.
  • Write what you know. The more niched your knowledge is, the better. If you write a digital marketing ebook, it could be hard to stand out from the crowd. But if you write a detailed ebook about breeding wallabies, chances are you’d find it easier to make yourself heard.

Earn fast money onlineNow you have general knowledge of earning fast money. If you want a soft start, take a look at a few of our more detailed articles on survey sites. Or start outlining ideas for a blog.

Do you have any other ideas of how to make fast money online? Let us know below!