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I was a bit skeptical at first, but I subscribed anyway. I have now received more than 9 free samples on both shaverblades, perfumes and proteinbars.


I subscribed with email, and already after 2 days i received test make up from L'oreal. I have since received free samples on perfumes, creams and shampoos.


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Here you can aslo get free samples:

Many consumers get to hear about a product after it has already been introduced to the market after a fruitful marketing campaign that involves several multimedia channels. While the products are always desired by many who at times may not be able to acquire them immediately here is always another way one can be able to get at using them. This is by getting free samples.

Free samples and product testing

If you're one of those active vloggers that have well established audiences, then product testing will most likely get you those free samples that you want to have. Aside from the fact that you can earn money through product testing, it's also a given fact that you can get freebies from it! In fact, you may even be lucky enough to have manufacturers provide you year long supplies of their products.

Product testing is a huge factor in raising sales from companies. Word of mouth gets them good results, but getting to see and experience the good stuff that the products give is on a highly different level. If the product is good and you're satisfied with it, it's most likely that your viewers will be convinced that it's also good for them and buy those products. As a result, it brings good sales to these companies. Manufacturers give you free samples, you get to have those freebies, your viewers buy them, experience the good results and the companies earn. So to say, it's a win-win situation for everyone!

How free samples benefit manufacturers

Getting free samples is one of the most tried and tested ways that firms use in testing their products and who is better in doing that than you. Yes, you are the one who uses their products. You are the one who saves money from your budget to squeeze in that product. If you are able to save money and still use your favorite product you will never stop looking out for those free product samples that will always come your way. But you are on your way to know how you can be able to use their products for free, imagine that!

Many of these companies have it as part of their policy to have their target market try out their products so that before they are released to the market, the real consumers have already had a taste of it. Some will make suggestions that will be implemented. Have you ever thought of that?

How good can you feel that your product’s manufacturer listened to your complaint or suggestion of taste and fulfilled your desires? That feeling will never go away and having a company that keeps in mind the wishes of their customers is the best thing in business. It’s a win-win situation for all.

You will now be using those products knowing that you and your friends will no longer keep complaining to yourselves without any action taken by anyone. Your word is taken into consideration. After all you are the boss! This is simply because you didn’t know there is a way. Now you know.

What free samples can I get?

As mentioned, many companies, both small and huge enterprises include giving out free samples as part of their marketing strategy. You’ve probably seen huge makeup brands giving out free makeup samples to youtubers for a review. If this makes you excited, then you’ll be more excited to know that not only makeup products can you get for free, but many more things!

Here are some free samples that you can get.



Fungal creams, Inhaler decongestants, food supplements and other medicines

Usable items

How can I get free samples?

Feature products in your page

Know the right places to go to

Do both

What can I get from free samples?

Aside from the fact that you’ll be getting the item without having to pay for anything, there are a few more pro’s to this.


This is a huge benefit to vloggers especially. The moment that a person searches for a review of a product that you just talked about in your video, watches it and ends up loving, not just, the product, but you as well, then you just got an instant addition to your fans! If you’re very good with persuasion, those free samples will turn not just get you more savings but more audience as well.

More free samples!

There are so many companies that love doing collaborations. And if you’re good at doing your thing, then you’re most likely to go diving into a huge pot of sponsorships, to make it simple, more products. If these companies see that you’re a perfect mix of attention, persuasion and determination, there will be more of them that will be more than willing to give you freebies that will get them the sales that they need. It’s a win-win situation for all of you.

While it may be true that you can afford to buy items, free samples are totally lifesavers. The next time you happen to see one, think about what you can get out of it and don’t let the chance that you’re getting it for free fly out of your grasp. Yes to freebies!

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