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I subscribed with email, and already after 2 days i got the oppurtunity of testing diapers from Pampers. I have then later also testet a vacuum cleaner and a Sony mobile!


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Whether you’re expecting or already experiencing the joys of motherhood, there is never a time where you are not in need of a surplus of products in order to keep your baby happy and clean.

Unfortunately, this also means that the spending spree never stops when it comes to baby products.  This is why we’re going to help ease that load off your shoulders and go through a few options where you’ll be able to get free baby samples!

Free baby samples and coupons galore!

There’s really nothing better than getting to try out free baby products through samples. That way you don’t have to commit to just one brand.

I found that this website is wonderful for just that. If you go to Babies Online, you get a variety of options. You get to choose from free parenting magazine subscription, free diaper samples and coupons, free baby food and formula samples and coupons, as well as free health advice. All you have to do is fill in the details and voila!

The Enfamil site provides similar opportunities for free baby samples. With the Enfamil site, you answer a couple of questions and register and you get opportunities to enter a sweepstake AND receive free baby samples. The sweepstake prize is a free baby nursery and up to $325 in free baby products. If that’s not enticing, I don’t know what is.

At mysavings, they provide you with free baby samples from places like Walmart, and upon signing up, you get to receive a free Walmart baby box, and their offers are applicable in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

I want just one kind of free baby samples....

Sometimes, there’s just one kind of product that you are after, and would like to find a way to get it for free without having to go through millions of sites offering you a whole bunch of products. Well guess what! There are places to go for that too!

The balance

This site is specific to your needs for free baby formula. They give you options where companies offer free samples and how it can be done. It’s perfect because not only do you get the free baby samples, but they give you guidelines on how to contact the companies in case you don’t receive your samples and a couple of tips about how to collect coupons.


If you sign up with the Huggies rewards program, they give you free Pampers and wipes to start with, and you can even download their app to redeem points whenever you buy their products. With these points you are entered into a sweepstake that has all kinds of amazing prizes and gift cards.

Let’s get organic!

Dollar diaper club

At the Dollar Diaper Club you get your free baby samples in the form of free diapers or a couple of their products once you are registered.  I personally like this site as the products are organic. You get to choose between the free diapers, or their free baby product bundle.

Everyday happy

Everyday Happy is also another wonderful website to check out.  They will send you free baby samples if you ask for them! They also have great discounts on a wide variety of their products and, of course, they are super organic and eco-friendly!

Baby registry

I find that the most convenient way for you to get free baby products that you actually WANT, is to sign up with an online baby registry. That way you can pick out the specific products that you want yourself and then have someone else get it for you! This applies mainly to expecting mothers or maybe if you’re celebrating you’re baby’s 6-months perhaps? I’m sure it’s possible. ;) You could start a trend if it isn’t!

Amazon baby registry

Amazon baby registry is the probably the most used online registry. You’re bound to find a wide variety of products and they also give you a box of free baby samples when you create your registry.

My registry

Myregistry is amazing in that it provides you a variety of options from stores from all over the world.


The Target baby registry is wonderful too because upon creating your registry, they offer you free baby samples. They call it your WELCOME GIFT! And it includes coupons too!

The little things…

And of course, we mustn’t forget about the small things in you, and your baby’s life that make a difference.


Here Gerber gives you an opportunity to win a couple of adorable baby bibs for free! All you have to do is complete a short survey.

My savings

Mysavings has so many different offers on display, it’s like a candy store for mommies and babies alike! In the link provide above, you fill out a survey and get a chance to win a Motorola baby monitor for FREE!!!!

Trybe (again)

There is nothing that we use and abuse more than pacifiers as mommies trying to keep the little ones calm. In this like, Avent is giving away pacifiers for free, fill in the survey and you have a shot at getting this awesome set.

So many samples, so little time!

In conclusion to all of this, it’s important for you to pay attention to a couple of factors that could make the whole process of being able to get free baby samples an easy process.

First of all, make sure that you’re aware of whether the shipping will have any cost to it, and if so, how much. Also, it doesn’t hurt to figure out if the actual store you might be trying to get samples from could be somewhere nearby, that way you could even go and collect the sample yourself, which is the case with stores like Walmart and Target, for example.

And it’s important to ask yourself, what is that I really need that I can’t seem to have access to easily? It is a universal need for a baby to have a ton of Pampers and wipes, and it’s easy to find a handful of websites that are willing to give away free samples.

If you don’t find an offer in plain sight, there is absolutely no harm in contacting them through email and requesting a free baby sample for yourself.  If for nothing else, you get to know whether the product sits well with you and your beautiful child.

These sites are just the tip of the iceberg! If you really put your mind to it, you’ll be amazed at the number of free baby samples and coupons waiting to be found by you!


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