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Here you can get free makeup- and cosmetic samples:

Being a lady can be really quite tough, especially, if you’re one who puts great value on cosmetic products. One of the challenges when it comes to cosmetics is choosing the best products that work perfect for you. This is one reason why a lot of companies offer free cosmetic samples to help you figure out which products are for you, and although their main goal is to make you buy their product, it’s still a win-win situation for all of you. I mean, if you can get to try and test the product for free and find out that it works wonders for you, then you may have just been saved from hoarding cosmetics that may not go well in your favour. You should never let opportunities like free samples slip out of your hands.

Cosmetic products are one of the priciest necessities of almost every woman. From makeups to skincare products, they all offer wonderful and promising results for a certain price. However, like medicine, one product may work wonders for one person, and have a “so-so” result to another. This is why free samples really come in handy.

Free makeup samples

We all know how makeup in general is a bit pricey. One single lipstick can cost you a few dollars. This doesn't keep manufacturers from giving out free makeup samples though. There are a lot of companies that give out free makeup samples as part of their marketing strategy.

Why do I need to try those free makeup samples?

Imagine this. You heard from a friend that there’s this new foundation cream that has worked wonders on covering up her pimples and making her skin look natural and more vibrant. You got very intrigued since you wanted to get the same exact result that she got. So you ask her about it and immediately go out to get some for you to last for a month or two. You start using it, but notice that the color gives your face an unnatural look and doesn’t match your natural skin color. In fact, it’s so white it made you look like a ghost!

This may seem like it’s a very absurd thing to happen because you’d think “why would makeup companies tell me that it’ll make my skin look more natural when in reality it won’t?” As sad as it sounds, it really happens.

There are a lot of products that don’t always work perfectly for everyone. And yes, that foundation cream may have worked wonders for your friend but it may not get you the same results that she got. It may not be a color that does not match your skin or worse, you could be allergic to it. This is why free makeup samples are opportunities that you can’t just let slip from your hands.

Free makeup samples are opportunities for you to try and see if the product is perfect for you. Aside from the fact that you get it for free, it’ll also be a perfect time for you to make a decision if it’s going to be the same thing that you’ll be buying for the next months to come, or if it’s time to look for a new one that’s more suitable for you.

Where can I get free makeup samples?

Although it may sound impossible to get free makeup samples, there are surprisingly quite a lot of cosmetic brands that provide samples for their customers. I mean, if they can get their customers running to their stores the next time they run out of lipstick and press powder, then giving out a couple of free ones won't hurt them that much. As for you, getting these freebies will be as easy as pie as long as you have enough knowledge on which shops you need to pay a visit.


Nordstrom is one of the most popular American chains of luxury department stores. There are quite a few headquarters stationed all over the state. The company started from retailing shoes and has continued to expand their scope of inventory to clothing, jewelries, handbags, accessories and fragrances.

You can go and spot those beauty counters inside Nordstrom's stores, where you can find to-go containers full of different makeup samples, from lipsticks, eye shadows, makeup applicators and even skincare products and hair treatment creams. You can freely scoop up some of those products and take them home with you. Plus, if you're making your purchases online, Nordstrom let's you have three more samples when you checkout.

For some brands, they even come in cute, shrunken versions of their original packaging that are very ideal for people who travel a lot and are always on the go.


Sephora is a famous French cosmetic store that offers hundreds of different brands of cosmetic products for skincare, makeup, nail color, hair care, fragrance and body.

Like Nordstrom, Sephora also has miniature makeup samples that they give out to customers whenever they come and visit their stores. Also, Sephora let's you book some time with one of their artists, for free, to help you break down a tricky makeup look that you're dying to learn on how to do.

Ulta Beauty

Ulta beauty is one of the many beauty stores in the United States that markets haircare, fragrance, cosmetic and skincare products for women (and men, for some products). Each store has a salon that works to provide their customers quality service.

Like the first two stores, Ulta lets you choose different cosmetic samples with every purchase you make online. The shop has a lot of products that are pretty popular to both male and female customers.

The Body Shop

The body shop is a popular British skincare and cosmetic company owned by Natura(a Brazilian cosmetic company) and formerly owned by L'Oreal. The shop has a range of one thousand products that are sold in three thousand franchised stores around the globe in sixty-six different countries.

On their site, you can also get free samples for every purchase that you make. Also, you can get any of their samples for as low as one dollar. It's not for free, but it's still going to keep you from making a bigger purchase.


Aveda is a company that's currently owned by Estee Lauder Companies. They manufacture different cosmetic products both for men and women.

Now, this shop is all about freebies! Aveda is generous enough to give out free makeup samples in their stores and give five deluxe mini products for every purchase that's worth twenty-five dollars. In some participating stores, they also offer a service of free full makeup application and custom facials.

The hunt for free cosmetic samples can’t be that hard now that you know where to go. You can either go to the stores or make purchases online and you’d still get a fantastic deal out of it. They say, “Beauty has a price”? Well, not if you can get them for free!

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