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"No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable ultimate accessory." This is a famous line by Coco Chanel where she clearly states how valuable perfumes are for us. And although perfumes could define beauty and perfection with a single spray, it's not always going to turn out perfect for you if it doesn't suit your taste or if it makes your boyfriend or girlfriend gag whenever he or she gets a sniff of it. This is where perfume samples come in handy.

So what’s with perfume samples? Why should I bother to try them?

Giving out free perfume samples is pretty common to a lot of fragrance companies. It’s a very effective way of persuading people to go and buy a bottle or two of their fragrance. This practice also makes it very convenient for customers, as this lessens unwanted purchases. Getting a good initial sniff of that bottled perfume would make it easier for you to decide if you want to bring it home with you because it’s actually to your liking and not simply because you heard from your friend that it smells pretty good.

With free perfume samples, not only can you get a sniff from a piece of paper sprayed once, but you can actually get a bottle for free! It may not be as big as the original bottle, but the miniature ones that they normally give out for free, could be more than enough for you to use, especially if you’re good at maximizing the fragrance of perfumes. And, if you really love those scents, getting those free perfume samples and using it could give you enough time to save up for the next time that you actually want to buy an entire bottle of them.

How do I get free perfume samples?

Free perfume samples by mail

Other ways to get free samples by mail

Read through magazines

Request Ulta Catalog

Check out websites

Write to the manufacturer

Go out to the right places

Why do I need a perfume?

Now you probably might say that perfumes are expensive, and that you don't need them, and it's just a waste of money etc., however, perfumes play a big role to our daily lives. One very important thing that you need to know about is Pheromones.

Pheromones are scent-triggered hormones that play a vital role in stimulating sexual appetite from another person. Logically, this hormone plays a very important role in human desire and sexuality. So to say, their presence in perfumes play a secondary role to other reasons why wearing perfume should be a necessity.

A single sniff from an alluring aroma can change a person’s mood as fast as one snap of a finger. Pick out the best ones that you can wear by using those free perfume samples. After all, it’s like hitting two birds at the same time! You’re going to have the idea of which ones are best for you and you get to wear the same perfume that that rich businesswoman is wearing without having to spend a lot for an entire bottle!

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