GlobalTestMarket – Frequently Asked Questions

Globaltestmarket faqThose who sign up for GlobalTestMarket can enjoy all of the fun and the benefits that come with taking paid internet surveys to earn unique rewards. GlobalTestMarket’s paid surveys also serve as a way to learn about budding services and products on the market and help to influence their development.
By registering for GlobalTestMarket, you can become one of the many members of a global community to participate in these Internet-based research studies from companies all over the world.

How do I know if I am eligible to register?

Is GlobalTestMarket available in my country?

Is there a price to join?

How do I sign up for GlobalTestMarket?

Earning Rewards

GlobalTestMarket rewards their members for each and every online paid survey that is completed. They award not only MarketPoints but entries into sweepstakes for prize drawings.

I am having an issue with activating my account through the link.

I didn't receive the activation email or link. How can I request another one?

Login Problems

I have forgotten my email address or password that I used to sign up.

I am unable to sign into my account.

My Account

How can I view or update my account?

How can I change my email address?

How do I change my Country of Residence?

How do I change my password?

Why do I need to update my profile surveys?

How do I unsubscribe from my membership?

Why was I told I cannot take any more paid surveys on GlobalTestMarket?

Paid Surveys

What is the process for taking your paid surveys?

What rewards do I get for taking these surveys?

How do I qualify for additional online paid surveys?

Why am I being asked the same questions over and over that I have already answered?

I have not received any paid survey invitations.

I have a problem getting to a survey. What should I do?

Why doesn’t the paid survey work when I open it using the browser on my mobile phone.

Why am I often told I cannot participate in surveys?

Rewards and Redemptions

What are MarketPoints?

Do MarketPoints expire?

How many MarketPoints are given to me per survey?

How do I get my MarketPoints redeemed?

Why didn't I get rewarded for completing a survey?

How do I invite a friend to the site? Do I get a reward for bringing people to this site?

I already have an account. How will you have my Paypal information?

The email address that my order confirmation was sent to is not my PayPal account email address.

How does the Paypal option work?

How do I know I put in my PayPal order correctly?

I don't have a PayPal account. How does the PayPal option work?

How long before the PayPal money is available?

What is PayPal?

Privacy Policy

Is GlobalTestMarket SPAM compliant?

Is my information safe with this site?

What does GlobalTestMarket do with the data found from my paid surveys?

I think I have been scammed by someone using the GlobalTestMarket name. What should I do?

I was contacted for a Mystery Shopping job. Is it real?

Why am I getting entries into sweepstakes instead of MarketPoints?

How will I know if I win a Sweepstakes?

Am I eligible to get Sweepstake entries?

GlobalTestMarket Terminology

Not eligible or Screen out

 Survey closed or quota reached

Survey temporarily unavailable

Profile Surveys

Globaltestmarket faqProfile surveys are what help this site to learn more about your lifestyle, hobbies, habits and background. This information is confidential and lets GlobalTestMarket send more surveys to you. The more of these surveys you complete, the better. You will get rewarded for taking these as well. Locate your profile surveys on the Surveys page on their website.


MarketPoints are the incentives that are given for most completed surveys. Get enough of these points in order to redeem them for rewards.
Another incentive is being entered into a sweepstakes. You will automatically be entered into their drawings once per quarter after you screen or complete a survey. If you are selected as a winner, you will notified by email.
Redeeming MarketPoints means that you want to request to turn your points into rewards.