ProfitFarmers Review: Simple, Safe, and Profitable Copy-Trading

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There’s SO MUCH opportunity to make money trading cryptocurrencies. Want to earn TODAY without spending years learning? See how ProfitFarmers could be all you need.


Picture this: You’re relaxing on your couch after a loooong day.

You pull out your phone and open ProfitFarmers. With just a few clicks, you start an automated chain of events programmed to help you make profits.

Profits that look something like this:
Profitfarmers signal cards

By now, about 3-4 minutes have passed… You shut your phone off and turn on the TV to continue binge-watching Game of Thrones. (Hey, I’m not judging you!)

- Who said making some money on the side had to be a big ol’ hassle?

Specifically, making money with cryptocurrency through something called signal copy-trading. But before we talk about that, please read:

This is NOT one of those get-rich-quick schemes, sorry! You’re NOT going to instantly make €10,000 a week… I hate junk like that, and I’d never waste my or your time by talking about it.

Well! Now that’s out of the way, take another look at those results ⬆️.

They’re from a system that produces ‘trading signals’, which are basically super pro-level instructions on what cryptocurrencies you should buy and sell.

Apparently, you and I could’ve made those exact trades with “just a few clicks of a button”. No experience would’ve been needed as their platform would’ve dealt with the tricky trading side of things.

Sound too good to be true?

Read on to find out in my quick review of ProfitFarmers!
profitfarmers review man-looking to trading chart

What do I need to know about ProfitFarmers?

  • Your money NEVER sits inside ProfitFarmers. For added security and features, ProfitFarmers integrates with Binance (largest crypto exchange worldwide, accounts are 100% free). Your trades, money and profits stay within Binance, keeping it under your control at all times.
  • Absolutely NO commissions or fees on trades. By design, it’s impossible for ProfitFarmers to take anything from your trades since they never directly handle your money.
  • ProfitFarmers is registered in the European Union - Why not in a regulation-free tax-haven? Well, legitimate companies have no need to break the rules.
  • Meet the founder: Matthew Tansley - He’s public and stands behind their claims. Crypto business owners tend to hide themselves in fear of complaints. I guess Mr. Tansley has nothing to hide from. 😉
matthew tansley founder profitfarmers

What does ProfitFarmers do?

It’s somewhat similar to eToro's social copy-trading. Except you don’t copy random people, you copy ProfitFarmers’ trade suggestions with a 76% historical win-rate.

Pick any signal and ProfitFarmers will perform all the annoying trading parts for you through Binance (Remember, the place where you buy and sell crypto coins).

This also includes a stop loss function, which will automatically sell your coins if their price starts going in the wrong direction.

 Here’s what it looks like to follow a trading signal:
following trading signal

ProfitFarmers’ Results

I could try explaining it, but I figured it’d be easier to show you the results directly from their site:

monthly statistics overview
profitfarmers results table

Think about this; for every 4 trade signals followed, 3 of them would have made a profit.

I definitely have no chance at getting those kinds of results by trying to trade on my own!

Are their results real?

I can say ‘yes’ because I’ve already used the system myself. But why should you believe me? Well, you don’t have to. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s impossible to ‘fake’ an increased Binance wallet balance!
  2. They’re honest about what their results mean. None of that confusing nonsense.
  3. I’ve found video testimonials of real people using and making money with ProfitFarmers.
  4. Matthew Tansley (the founder) creates a video each week breaking down their results. Why would he risk putting his name and face on results that aren’t true?
They’re actively educating people on how their system functions. Why take the time to teach something that doesn’t work?

Final Thoughts

The best thing:

First of all, the fact there’s no need to have trading experience to make money.

All made possible with access to their trading signals (with a 76% win-rate!), the ability to automate your trades through Binance AND no stupid commissions or fees on trades. (I prefer to keep all the profits I earn, don’t you?)

The worst thing:

There’s a chance that not everyone who reads this will be able to try out ProfitFarmers. Their website says that memberships are limited.

“This is to make sure that the trading signals work as well as possible for the people using them. Too many people trading on the same signals would reduce their effectiveness.”

I’m not 100% certain how limited, but this is a relatively new software and I’m sure memberships are being taken fast.

Who is ProfitFarmers For?

If you:

  • Understand this tool won’t make you a millionaire overnight
  • Have around €3,000 you can make trades with
  • Are ready to give cryptocurrency a proper shot

Then I’d say go right ahead and join ProfitFarmers!

Wait, why €3,000?

In order to make money you have to spend money, right? It’s just a recommendation from ProfitFarmers. They say anything less could limit your profitability, not making it worthwhile. I appreciate how ProfitFarmers don’t trick people into signing up without explaining that first.

And that’s the end of this quick review! Now that you’re in-the-know, why not try out ProfitFarmers yourself today 🙂