The 10 best jobs in Product Testing

The 10 best jobs in Product Testing

Companies and marketing firms that are about to launch a new brand or product will do a dry run for getting feedback, before they go ahead with an official launch. For this purpose, they hire product testers, who get a chance to test the products and service even before they are in the market.

The best part is that product testers can have the product even before others have it. While some companies let the product testers keep the product as compensation for testing, the other companies give out monetary payouts as well for testing the product.

Based on the product type, testing can be done either at home, or you might have to go to the location as they mention.

However, most of the marketing and testing companies will match you to the geographically closest location so that it is convenient for you. It also gives you products to survey based on your preferences and lifestyle.

If you are a parent, you might get products related to baby care etc. You will have to use it, give the feedback in the survey and share your reviews with the marketing team.

If you are well versed with social media, they might also ask you to share your reviews online on different social media sites such as Facebook or even Twitter.

Interested in this? Then you must read this article as it further expands product testing for you.

We have compiled a list of the top ten product testing jobs that are highly recommended. Read on to know more:

10) Video Game Tester

The 10 best jobs in Product TestingVideo Game testers are usually asked to come to the game developer’s office, where you will have to go and test their game, or some game developers allow you to do it at the comfort of your home. Usually, Microsoft asks testers to visit their HQ located in Washington State to test their games.

Also, you will have to answer the questions they ask you regarding the game and as a compensation for your services, the game will be given to you for free!

To get an invite from Microsoft, you will have to be a fan of video games and know their working process.

Testers should have a fair eye to detail so that they can get into the details and give feedback. They will have to play the game multiple times to check it precisely. Microsoft allows even kids aged less than 12 years to qualify as a video game tester.

9) Cosmetics Product Tester

If you are always interested in the new types of cosmetics that come up in the market, then this job is highly recommended for you. There are multiple cosmetics and makeup companies that would want their products to be tested before launch.

Hence, you can have a look at their corporate website to know if they have any cosmetic products available for testing.

There are multiple websites and beauty magazines that invite you to take part in cosmetics product testing. You can fill in your details in there and if you are lucky enough, you might get a call from the company. The good part is most of them has free cosmetic products for real!

These companies are interested to know if you think the product is worth the money you pay and if the product is actually good; if you would buy it as a customer? You can test the products that are provided by the company and the best part is that, you can keep the products for yourself.

8) Nike Product Tester

The 10 best jobs in Product TestingNike allows athletes based in the United States to test their footwear. You can test it at their facility for a day or can test it at your home for a period as specified by Nike.

You will have to fill in your details on the product you wish to test and then, Nike will contact you if you are selected.

Nike takes product testing seriously and you are not allowed to share any details about the product you are testing without any approval from Nike. Also, the products should be returned after the testing period so that the designers get to know about the wear and tear of the product after usage.

7) Consumer Taste Tester

Consumers will have to test the taste of different foods and beverages in this category. Marketing firms get in touch with consumers to test the taste of foods. Based on the food type, you can test it either at their facility or at your home.

Different companies, that are interesting in market research, maintain its own set of customers and they contact them based on their requirement and the physical proximity and pays them for testing the taste.

Based on the feedback given, the manufacturers alter the taste of the product. You will have to answer a few questions based on the taste of the product and they will take into consideration your opinion to make the taste of the product appealing. However, this testing is not recommended for people who are suffering from food allergies.

6) National Consumer Panel Participant

National Consumer Panel, or NCP, is a JV between multiple survey companies with the famous Nielsen taking the lead. The behavioral information regarding customers are provided to companies based on which, companies can carry out their marketing activities and decide the sales pitch and pricing of their products.

If you are selected as a member of NCP, you will not be paid in cash. Instead, you will earn points that you can later redeem for any merchandise available or avail cash cards in return.

After successfully being enrolled as a member of NCP, you will receive an access to their mobile app or hand scanner, which you will have to use and scan the barcode of the product you shop for and the number of products you shop together, so that they can analyze it and as a result, you will get deals and discounts across multiple retail stores on a monthly basis.

5) Mommy Product Tester

The 10 best jobs in Product TestingIn this type of testing, you will have to try out the variations of different products. Here, you will have to sign up for product testing sites that are inclined towards parents and mother bloggers. You will end up receiving free samples when you sign up.

You can be a mommy product tester under Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA), a company based in Canada. It reviews the baby products and approves products that are rated highly. You can sign up for this if you are a resident of North America and you will receive freebies to test.

Once you receive the products, you should test it and let the feedback know to PTPA, so that they can pass on to its customers. People can also navigate to PTPA and check for the reviews given by mothers.

Mommies would love receiving free stuffs and this goes with cosmetics as well and might be interested in this article.

4) Professional Beer Tester

You get paid for drinking beer and tasting it! It is difficult to get a job of professional beer tester as breweries are specific about whom to hire. If you get a job as a professional beer tester, you will have to visit different pubs and taste the beer.

You will have to make sure that the beer is stored in the correct temperature and served correctly. Professionally, you will be known as a beer quality technician and it is not confined to only tasting the beer.

You will also have to check for the quality of the beer and solve issues.

They might call you round the clock as well, if they sense something wrong with the beer. Professional beer testers have to ensure that the beer is served correctly and the taste is maintained same always. Also, if they find something seriously wrong with the beer, they can also ask the brewery or pub to stop serving beer until the taste is corrected.

3) Luxury Car Test Driver

The 10 best jobs in Product TestingThis is a full time job which gives a handsome pay as well. You will have to drive luxury cars in private courses and test it under different conditions. Luxury car manufacturers such as Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari etc. have these job roles open and the pay is good as well!

The prerequisite for this job is that the test drivers should have a fair technical knowledge of the automobile mechanics and engineering, due to which they should be able to report the problems correctly while they are testing the prototypes.

They will have to test for different aspects such as acceleration, braking, road performance, comfort, drivability, high speed performance etc. which are usually done by mechanical engineers. You will have to check the websites of car manufacturers to check if there are any vacancies available.

2) Bed Tester

Sleeping through your job has never been so wonderful. Luxury bed manufacturers also check for the sleep quality before they roll out the beds in the market.

To make things better for a broke student, a company in England hired the student and she had to test a particular bed for a month to provide a feedback on it regarding how comfortably she was able to sleep on it.

She had to sleep in different conditions for eight hours daily and it happened with variations in the temperature and lighting around.

Also, prior to sleep, she had to consume varying amounts of caffeine or alcohol to see how it affected the sleeping condition. However, if you are looking for a job like this, the first requirement is good writing skills, based on which the companies will consider you as a bed tester.

If bad tester do exist untrusted sites and scammers in online product testing are existing as well be vigilant and

1) Waterslide Tester

The 10 best jobs in Product TestingHave you ever imagined that there is a job to test the waterslides? A typical waterslide tester has to visit the different water parks and examine water slides in different water conditions to ensure that they are working fine and are safe.

You will have to check the height, speed of water, smooth landing etc. to ensure that the slides are thrilling yet safe at the same time, so that the reputation of the water park is upheld.

This is one job which involves a lot of travel and you will be testing water slides in different parts of the world.

Rest assured, your job will involve a lot of excitement and your adrenaline will always be high while you will be able to earn a decent amount as well!

With the ever changing and evolving internet the consumer needs are evolving as well, and this calls for innovations and new products that needs to undergo different stages of testing and this goes without saying that product testing online will rapidly evolve as well.

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