Handy Tips to get started with Online Surveys

Tips started Online SurveysThere are a variety of reasons why people like to take surveys online. However, the main intent behind taking surveys is to make money in the 1-2 hours you can spare daily. There are several survey sites available out there that promise you of great income.

GlobalTestMarket is also a premier site that allows you to take surveys and you will earn from it. Listed below are a few tips that you might want to consider before you start taking surveys online:

Use a separate e-mail account for taking surveys

It is a great idea to create a separate e-mail id for taking surveys. It will help you in staying organized and you can never be a part of scams that siphon personal information, as long as you do not have any personal and confidential e-mails routed to that address.

Even if you come across a scam survey site, all that you will lose in the worst case is the new e-mail id you created, which will be of no much value to the scammer either. Thereby, your personal information will stay protected at all times.

Uses PayPal account to receive payments

Creating a PayPal account is free and it is safe and credible. Setup a PayPal account for receiving your payments instead of receiving a check, which might get misplaced during transit. Also, you will save up on the bank fees when you sign up with PayPal to receive payments.

Sign up for multiple survey sites

Tips started Online SurveysSimilar to GlobalTestMarket, there are several other websites that are genuine and offer you good money. Start by signing up to a few ones and gradually keep increasing so that you will always have options on which surveys to take, based on your convenience and bandwidth.

Also, make sure that you do not sign up for too many survey sites, as you might not be able to complete them in time and it might result in you earning a bad reputation. Start at a slow pace and a few surveys and you can always increase the number of survey panels based on your bandwidth.

Make use of Auto-Fill features like Roboform

Instead of repetitively filling in the same information each time you take a survey, leverage on the power of Auto-fill tools such as Roboform. Typical questions such as name, e-mail address, age etc. can be taken care of by such tools and it will end up saving your time.

Ensure that you have a complete profile in all survey sites

When you sign up for a survey site, make sure that your profile is complete with all the information filled in, so that you might not be left out on survey invites.

Many survey sites do not send through surveys if you have an incomplete profile. Some websites will allow you to take the survey; however, there will be no payout as your profile will be incomplete. Take time you fill your profile completely and keep it ready at all times.

Check your e-mail id for surveys daily

When you check your e-mail id for available surveys every morning, you can plan your day better and also plan to make time for the required surveys.

When you do not respond to the survey invitations sent, the company will stop sending you invites later, due to which you might miss out on the high-paying surveys as well. Make sure that you sign up for high paying surveys as soon as possible so that the slots are not full later.

Sign up for product tests and focus groups

Getting into focus groups and product test teams is not as easy as getting surveys. Maintain consistency and earn a good reputation. You will eventually be a part of focus groups and they will pay you handsomely.

Earn through Referrals

Tips started Online SurveysSurvey sites typically pay you for referrals as well. Make your friends and family join these survey sites and ask them to take part in a few surveys as they pay you well for referrals. You can also leverage on the power of social media for referrals.

Explained above are only a few tips to enhance your income while taking surveys. You can read more about paid survey sites in here and tips on starting to engage it in here.

The key is to work smart, respond faster and take up high paying surveys if you want to earn more. At the same time, make sure that you do not fall for any scams. Enjoy with your extra income without much effort involved!

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