What constitutes a survey?

constitutes a survey

With this post, we intend to help our audience in a precise manner in understanding surveys. After reading this post, if you have any further queries that need to be addressed, comment below and the question will be answered in our next post? Explore here for more about online paid surveys.

For people expecting us to send a survey so that they can assess it and understand what the survey is all about, sorry, we will not be able to do that due to the following reasons:

  • We do not create the surveys. Our website contains a list of websites that carry out surveys.
  • The contents of the survey are proprietary and we cannot share it with you due to the legality and copyright.
  • Surveys are vast and cannot be generalized. Hence, we cannot provide you with an example.

Generally, most of the surveys will have a few common elements. Most of the questions will have to be answered using check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down values, blank lines to be filled or rarely by drag and drop on the screen.

Eligibility for a Survey

Surveys usually start with a few questions to be answered for terming you eligible, such as the basic demographics including your age, gender etc. and these questions will be relevant to the type of survey you will have to take. You will not be eligible for the survey if your answers do not match the requirements.

Consider the example where there is a survey about car-care products. If you do not have a car, obviously you will not be in a position to answer the questions.

Some other questions asked in the eligibility might be very specific, such as when was the last time you went to a mall or if you are using a certain product or not. Only if you fulfill the criteria that are required for the survey, you will be able to proceed with the survey.

If you have any queries regarding eligibilities, feel free to get in touch with us.

What does the survey contain?

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will start the actual survey. Some surveys might start directly without notifying you that you are eligible for the survey.

Listed below are some of the most common questions in a survey:

  • Questions similar to a pen and pencil survey you have come across before.
  • Questions that need prior information to be answered, such as about a particular show or a brand. They might ask you about how their new advertisement appears to be and would you buy it after viewing the advertisement?
  • Questions after showing you a product or a service, asking you to rate it and provide your inputs. They might also provide you with multiple products or services and ask you about which one you would prefer over the other.
  • Questions that are related to the current affairs or politics of a nation. They might ask you about your political stand or your favorite candidate.
  • Questions after showing you a movie and asking you for feedback.

These are the general questions and you will come across multiple types of surveys based on your demographics. If you working from home, you might be asked questions about a home office etc.

Apart from the common surveys, you can also be a part of a special survey group, known as focus groups, which engage you for a period of time for surveys.


constitutes a surveyOnce you complete the main survey, you might have to answer a few questions relating to your demographics so that the surveyors get to understand about your background better. It is highly useful for them as they can ascertain the preferences of various people and people belonging in different age groups.

Most of the questions you answer under this column will be based on your lifestyle, gender, age and preferences that will help the surveyors to establish a link to your inputs. Also, you will have to answer the demographic questions multiple times because it will help the surveyors know that you are answering all the questions honestly.

This will also help them to draw a relation between your preferences and other factors, such as age, gender, geographical location etc.

However, you can feel safe that they do not ask for any personally identifiable questions or any financial information such as your bank details or SSN. If in case you are asked any sensitive or personal information, stop the survey immediately as there are high chances that the site would be fake. Often, you might fall prey to scams that are hidden in the form of such surveys.

To stay safe, make sure that you do not disclose any personal information in the surveys.

End of Survey and Bonus

Once you are done with the survey, there might either be a notification that you have completed the survey or there might not be one. However, you will certainly be redirected to the reward page of the survey and you will be given your bonus points or currency based on what was displayed before you started with the survey.

There are different ways in which a survey might appear and the types of questions that are asked to you. However, the basic framework of all the surveys remain the same and you would benefit them the most by being honest about your answers.

After having read this, you would now have clarity about the structure of a survey and how the questions are designed to make sure that you are not a robot or fake person.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding surveys, feel free to comment about it and we will answer all your questions in our next post.

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