YouGov – Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find frequently asked questions about YouGov. You can also email us at [email protected] for more answers.

What is YouGov?

How long is an average YouGov survey?

How will I find out about new surveys?

What does Yougov do with the data that is collected?

Who pays for these surveys?

Can I see results of the surveys in which I participate?

I took a paid survey but don't see some of the results. Why do YouGov only show a few of the results?

Is the information I provide to YouGov confidential?

What sort of rewards can I get for these surveys?

Will I receive email messages from anyone besides YouGov?

To participate, do I need to buy anything?

How do Prize Draw surveys work?

How long does the $50 take to get to me after I ask for it?

Where can I see my point balance?

How do I reset my password?

Where can I change my email or mailing address?

How do I leave YouGov?

Pulse Panel FAQ

General Issues

I forgot my login URL.

I can't get to the setup page.

The setup page is in the wrong language.

I want to install this app.

Desktop FAQ

I can’t install the plug-in.

Mobile Requirements:

I always get a popup asking me to install a plug-in.

I don’t see the application active after I install it, or I start the application but nothing happens.

Mobile FAQ


My pin code does not work when I go to install the app.

My 3G connection test is not working, but the internet on my device is working fine.

My connection is no longer working after I installed the profile.

My telecom provider is not available on the list YouGov has given.

Installing the app with my pin code is not working.

When installing, I get a question that asks if I want to remove another profile.

I can’t reach Google when I am trying to test my connection; instead, it redirects me.

My wifi is not working.

Tablet FAQ

I’m asked to install a cellular network, but my tablet can only use wifi.

Political FAQ

Is YouGov a part of a government organization?

Does the government have any part in your work?

Does YouGov only do political surveys?

Is it bias to only work with one newspaper?

Is YouGov operated by Conservatives?

Is the political team made up of all white men who went to public school?

Why, after taking a survey, can I not see all of the published results? Why do you only show a few of these results to poll takers?

Are any of the rumours that I have heard about the results of a poll true?

Has YouGov ever refused to work with a certain client?

Will the polls always be wrong?

Are YouGov’s surveys biased since anyone is able to participate?