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I was a bit skeptical at first, but I subscribed anyway. I have now received more than 9 free samples on both shaverblades, perfumes and proteinbars.


I subscribed with email, and already after 2 days i received test make up from L'oreal. I have since received free samples on perfumes, creams and shampoos.


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Here you can get offers with free samples:

There are lots of different ways to get free samples - But I believe that obtaining free samples by mail is the most convenient of all. There are plenty of reasons as to why receiving free samples by mail is the easiest option. Aside from the fact that you won't need to go outside the comforts of your home, requesting free samples by mail allows you to acquire sample products of brands that you so long desire! Read more below to know legitimate ways on how you can get totally free stuff by mail.

Keep yourself posted

Plenty of websites today are legitimately offering free product samples by mail but with a limited time offer. Product samples offers vary and are ultimately not going to last for long especially when there are others who are on the hunt for freebies just like you are. Time is indeed gold as it is not only you who so desires to get a hold of cost-free product samples and it is widely known that the time it takes to have your mail takes about 4 to 10 weeks.

So I suggest that you keep yourself posted with a daily list of websites with the latest free samples everyday! This task can be easily checked off the list as there plenty of people online who blogs details of websites and keeps intact with them an updated daily list of free samples offered. Search and get to know more of them as they will be your guide through successful acquisitions of free product samples by mail.

Simply go to a site that gathers all this information in one place. Try to find one that is in your local area or is big enough to be a nation-wide offer, because some deals are only available regionally. You can even subscribe to the RSS or blog feed, and you can get the information straight to your mailbox or blog reader. Be careful when subscribing to these sites though. You may be inundated with more mail than you can handle. Be sure to look at the frequency of posts to decide the best way to get their information.

Furthermore, aside from getting a free ride from someone else's expert guidance of how-to-do's list, you can actually just make one yourself too. Get to know your favorite brands, visit their websites, nose around if there are free samples offered and if they do, request away for free samples immediately. This way, you can work around the curves and waves of actual requisition, learn from experience, and even have a list of only your favorite products on one whole page. This won't only be a helpful guide for other newbie in the business but would also be a helpful guide for you as well. This way, you'll never have to forget about your all-time favorite sites!

How to request free samples by mail

Most all of the companies who offer free samples by mail require you to go through a survey first. Usually, they're just curious of what type of person is requesting their freebies. Types of questions include ones about your buying habits, family needs, income and just about anything else. Surveys are ways for companies to know if you are worth sending more free samples to in the future. After all, companies only hand out free product samples if they find out that you are or could be a potential future consumer of their products. Handing out free samples is about marketing strategy and they wouldn't want to waste their freebies on someone who wouldn't be a potential customer.

To get a hold of free product samples by mail, you will have to fill out survey forms. The 3 basic details they usually ask for is your name, address, and your e-mail. The name and the address will be primarily used for basic mailing information as to whom and where they will send the freebies. The e-mail however will be used to send you notifications about the status of your requested freebie. Other companies use the latter to make you a part of their mailing list as well. So if you do happen to provide your email address, expect the occasional newsletter about the latest advertisements and promotions for their products.

Aside from the basic information, these types of surveys are going to want to have you fill out, there will also be other types of questions given to you. Some of these questions require answers, but some do not necessarily need to be filled out. These types of surveys would take much of your time in answering so if you're really dedicated to getting those free samples, be patient! Check for special characters (such as asterisks) to let you know what survey questions are required so you'll only need to answer the minimum. This will help protect your privacy further as well as save you time.

To know more about what types of questions you’d want to watch out for to guard yourself against survey scams, read How to avoid survey scams.

Getting free samples by mail without surveys on the other hand, a lot are actually questioning if it's a real thing, but believe it or not, it actually is quite possible for so many companies worldwide. These are legitimate free samples and they do not include any lengthy surveys to get them. This means that it would only take few minutes to submit your mailing information. Have a look at these 7 sites to get free samples without filling out surveys! Click on the link.

When you go to request free samples by mail without surveys, you at minimum have to tell the company your name and your address so they can mail you the free samples. Moreover, you do however want to answer some of the questions that are requested and you feel comfortable to answer; this is one of the top ways to make sure that the free samples you request actually arrive.

Long Surveys Could Mean Scam

If you run across a free sample or freebie that requires you to answer pages upon pages of survey questions or sign up for trial offers, run far, far away. These are signs of a freebie scam and you'll want to avoid them. Either the person is running a website so they can make affiliate money when you sign up for programs or they are trying to steal your information. Remember to never, ever provide your credit card information to get a freebie. A legitimate freebie is not worth getting unauthorized charges to your credit card or your identity stolen.

Newsletter Subscription

A lot of companies who give out freebies want to contact you in the future. Sometimes it's to check up on how you liked the freebie but often it's just so they can pester you later. Often times, you don't have to sign up for the newsletter to get the freebie. If you have the choice, don't sign up for it unless you're super interested in the company offering the freebie. This will help you avoid junk mail they may send to you. If you have to sign up for the newsletter, it's always a good idea to use an email address just for requesting freebies to keep all the junk in one place.

After you've submitted your information, you'll have to see how long it will be until your free sample will get to your mailbox. You'll often need to be patient—most free samples by mail take a few weeks to even a few months to arrive.

Various free samples by mail

A lot of legitimate companies hands out totally free stuff by mail and some the products of included are free makeup and beauty samples, skincare samples, baby samples, health product samples, household products samples, food samples, kid samples, and even pet samples and magazines too!

From free cereals to health food products, child safety kits, books, maps, posters, makeup and beauty products, cleaning supplies, baby diapers and formulas, kitchen utensils, food and treats for pets, and even free medicines - all are freely available and offered by generous companies widespread all over the world.

The typical free samples a lot of people know are basically makeup samples, beauty samples, baby samples, and food samples. And as discussed, acquiring free samples is a great way to loosen up the household budget. Buying daily necessities somehow breaks the bank so discovering that a lot of the basic necessities needed around the house are actually being handed out for free by some companies is a real jaw-breaking, rewarding break for our wallets.

Obtaining all these free samples isn't even that much of a workload. With proper research and knowledge all these totally free stuff by mail are yours for the taking even without leaving the comforts of your home. Try on all the methods mentioned to actually acquire legitimate free samples by mail and let us know more about your experience!

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